This digital portfolio exhibits snapshots of my design work, sketching, and about me as a designer.

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Designing authentic/intentional products for a leather goods company

Side Winder

Sketching, prototyping, modeling, and rendering of the side winder by FUSE 

ASPerger Advantage

Extensive research about Asperger syndrome with a custom product solution.

The Austin

Researching a brand's values, user archetypes, and lifestyles for design


A fit bit for your mouth. 3D modeling and prototyping potential solutions.


A user experience and user interface study about injured female athletes on crutches

Skill Projects

Half-baked ideas, form studies, and other projects that demonstrate design skills.

Surveyor Leather Messenger Bag

Surveyor Leather Messenger Bag

Rustico Candle / Re-purpose as a succulent potter.

Rustico Candle / Re-purpose as a succulent potter.

Idea Notebook

Idea Notebook

Tahoe Travel Duffle

Tahoe Travel Duffle

#1 Funded Kickstarter MacBook Accessory of 2017!


1600% Funded  //  $320,000 Pledged  //  7029 Backers

With the idea and function figured out by Logan Bailey, I had the opportunity to work on the form development, sketching, rendering, and manufacturability of the Side Winder.

fuse in hands.jpg
rendering V2.jpg
fuse with backpack.jpg
basic render.jpg
unwinding shot1.jpg

How might I design for the James Brand . . .


The James Brand (Portland, Oregon - 2012) is a modern, minimal, adventure company that designs knives and tools for everyday carry. In order to design a new product for the James Brand, I sought out to understand the values which James lives by. I needed to know the users and lifestyles that the brand emulates and then reflect those elements into the final design. 

For this project, my goal is to understand the James Brand values, get to know the user archetypes, sketch, prototype, and present a new product that fits seamlessly into James' current product line.

Gutting fish in context speaker.jpg

Impact is an activity tracking device that aims to help women who were once athletic, but have now suffered a leg or foot injury and are stuck on crutches.

When you have a leg or foot injury and are forced to use crutches, there is a tendency to use the crutches incorrectly or not use them at all. Many people experience armpit pain as well as muscle compensations as your activity levels drop lower than before.

Impact's function encourages proper usage of crutches by gently vibrating when you don't put your complete upper-body weight on the handle (this is the proper use of the crutch). This helps ease any pressure off of your armpits and eliminates soreness. There is also a distance tracking feature with the option to set distance goals for improvement. According to users, goal setting and distance tracking is the best motivation to keep using crutches.



Asperger Profiles Have Extraordinary Minds


In Many Instances, Their Asperger Traits Often Alienate Them


“Social dysfunction is perhaps the single most defining and handicapping feature of Asperger syndrome” (Rogers, 2000). Asperger syndrome is a subtype of autism. Those who experience Asperger syndrome may desire friendships, but are unable to make friends (Filipek et al., 1999). Research suggests that those with Asperger syndrome often struggle with feelings of isolation, challenges with communicating, longing for greater intimacy, and difficulty with initiating conversations (Muller et al., 2008). One of the reasons for this is that individuals with Asperger syndrome often have specific eccentric and uncommon interests (Barnhill, 2001).


The Asperger Advantage is a case study and explorations on multiple Asperger profiles. These stories exhibit specific unconventional behaviors/interests that have led to increased isolation and social awkwardness. For each person, I have created a product in order to both showcase their unique behaviors/interests, as well as provide a solution to help them successfully socialize and connect to individuals around them. These products allow individuals with Asperger syndrome to make their misunderstood interests understood, accepted, and perhaps even valued.



How Might I Turn Their Unique Interests into Products That They Can Share with Others ?

Case Study


Wyatt's Special Interest

Wyatt is 6 years old and has a fascination with collecting recyclable materials. He picks up mostly soda cans and bottles from the streets, garbage bins, or finds them around the house. He lines up the cans and bottles in his backyard or bedroom and counts them and organizes them almost daily.


Wyatt Paulson

Collector of Recyclables


Wyatt's Struggle

Wyatt's struggle is that his friends and peers think that he is weird for collecting recyclables. Wyatt, being just a kid, is unaware of his awkwardness and doesn't understand why his obsession is alienating him from his friends. He doesn't know that his special interest is not a normal thing for a kid like him to do.

The Solution: Soda Stackers

blue with one out of place yellow.jpg

Auracle: A Fitbit for Your Mouth  


Clemson and Dartmouth Colleges wanted help in their execution of an ergonomic head wearable for research. The goal is to develop a device — that can automatically sense, detect, and track actions such as eating, drinking, smoking, speaking, and can measure physiological stress. The device will help health-science researchers in their efforts to study eating behavior. 


The bone surfaces around the ear vibrate at different frequencies depending on whether there is a eating, drinking, smoking, speaking, or a breathing event. A contact microphone placed next to the skin (pressed against the bone) can identify those vibrations and sounds. Using machine learning algorithms and code, the vibrations and sounds can be classified and categorized in real time, accurately tracking events.


Bone Form

concept V28.jpg
2015-04-15 22.14.30.jpg

Cedar Chest


Food Checkers


Frizbek (product without a purpose)

2015-04-15 18.29.56.jpg
2015-04-15 18.29.04.jpg
2015-04-15 18.28.13.jpg
2015-04-15 18.30.42.jpg


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3D form study

Favela BirdHouse

Favela_Bird House_V19.jpg