Being a Utah native, I have grown to love the 4 seasons and what each of them bring. The skiing in the winters, the mountain hiking in the spring, the lakes in the summer, and visiting the national parks in the fall. My great great great grandfather discovered Bryce Canyon national park, so discovery and adventure has run in the Bryce family. I have grown to love Industrial Design through learning to try new things. I have always loved to build and create growing up, either with toys, or with sketching some doodles. And when I learned that Industrial design meant that I could keep sketching and building ideas, I have loved it every step of the way. I care about people and their experiences. I want to design products that are meaningful to people, that have value and are appreciated. It has always been a passion of mine to create stuff that has yet to have existed and to give it a meaning and a purpose. Concepting ideas and