This digital portfolio exhibits snapshots of my design work, sketching, and about me as a designer.

To see my full process portfolio, please contact me


Side Winder

Working as a design consultant for Logan Bailey's kick starter Fuse, I did concept sketching, prototyping, modeling, and rendering of the Side Winder. 

ASPerger Advantage

This senior project entails extensive research about Asperger Syndrome and a discovery about how to design for specific people with an Asperger profile.

The Austin

Designing for a brand. Researching the James Brand's values, user archetypes, and lifestyles, my goal was to design a new product that fits the James Brand.


A device that can automatically record: eating, drinking, smoking, speaking, and breathing in order to help health-science researchers study eating behavior.


A user experience and user interface study about injured female athletes using crutches. How would an activity tracking device look for this user group?


A collection of projects done at Brigham Young University as an underclassman. These range from half-baked ideas, to form studies, and skill building projects.